Why was this site created?

Got married in Casablanca, my wife speak French, Arabic, and English, we are happily married with two kids, well everything was fine until we realized she has to pass life in the UK test, being English her third language, she was struggling to understand the content of the lesson, I started to help her every night when kids goto bed, belive me it was really hard, I realised it is not fun, there should be some better ways to make it easy to understand, there are few very good sites, but they do not make learning fun or engaged reader, they force you to memorise the question. which defeat the whole purpose of the exam, It took me over 8 months to make the site, video, pdf, and audio.

My wife was so happy after going through the site content, still remember her smiling face screaming "oh my god now it makes so much sense", she passed with flying colour, so decided to make it public, to be a premium member it will cost you 5 pence per day, just £10 for 6 months training, if you fail full money back guarantee.

Learning has to be fun

Learning is AS EASY AS ABC.